Public & school holidays

Public & school holidays

Public holidays

There are 11 full day and 2 partial day public holidays in South Australia each year. Every Sunday is treated as a public holiday.

Public holiday 2024 2025
* Denotes an additional holiday as the original holiday falls during a weekend or on another holiday
New Year's Day Monday 1st January Wednesday 1st January
Australia Day Friday 26th January Sunday 26th January
Monday 27th January *
Adelaide Cup Monday 11th March Monday 10th March
Good Friday Friday 29th March Friday 18th April
Easter Saturday Saturday 30th March Saturday 19th April
Easter Sunday Sunday 31st March Sunday 20th April
Easter Monday Monday 1st April Monday 21st April
ANZAC Day Thursday 25th April Friday 25th April
King's Birthday Monday 10th June Monday 9th June
Labour Day Monday 7th October Monday 6th October
Christmas Eve
(from 7pm)
Tuesday 24th December Wednesday 24th December
Christmas Day Wednesday 25th December Thursday 25th December
Boxing Day and
Proclamation Day
Thursday 26th December Friday 26th December
New Year's Eve
(from 7pm)
Tuesday 31st December Wednesday 31st December

School holidays

These holiday dates are for state schools. Some private or independent schools may observe different holiday dates. Individual schools may also have additional pupil-free days.

Holiday period 2024 2025
Summer 16 December 2023
28 January 2024
14 December 2024
27 January 2025
Autumn 13 April 2024
28 April 2024
12 April 2025
27 April 2025
Winter 6 July 2024
21 July 2024
5 July 2025
20 July 2025
Spring 28 September 2024
13 October 2024
27 September 2025
12 October 2025